Textile artist, graduated University of Industrial Art 1999 .
Lives and works in Helsinki.

As an artist I see myself working in the space between art and design and, as a textile artist, I find design work rewarding and that the frame within which I must work often shapes and feeds the thought process. Never-the-less I consider the work process that one does not see in the completed work to be most important, in art as well as in design. I find that harmony exists between my own art work and my cooperative design work, and that the history of their making is always linked to a broad spectrum of current feelings and issues and to the influence of the media, not to mention sensory experience from the surroundings and my memories.

Using different materials and working in different scales I have been doing research on how things take form and shape in space. In the piece “Siiri” I made a two-dimensional surface that takes shape as the distance from it grows. The work is crocheted from polypropylene thread to make the three different parts stiff enough to partly hold themselves up when hung. Viewed close up the work is a structural abstraction. From further away it emerges as a face. The work was completed slowly by crocheting every piece. In the process, time taken is linked to the nature of the material and especially to technique. When making the work I thought about watching my grandmother making crocheted bedcovers with her friends: by sewing together small crocheted pieces dozens of pieces crocheted by different people were brought together in one bedcover. “Siiri” brings together about five hundred pieces.

Apart from my independent work I have worked with several architectural projects with professor Antti-Matti Siikala and SARC Architects Ltd. The buildings for which I have taken part in the planning phase are situated in Helsinki in Vallila and Itä-Pasila, in Espoo at Keilalahti and in Hannover in Germany. In these large scale design processes I found that I was able to engage the same kind of perceptions and approach that I have been working with in my recent textile artworks.

My tasks have varied from integrated textile artwork to, for instance, designing patterns for printing on glass. Patterns made on glass by silk-screen printing are designed to cover the facades of buildings and allow light to pass through in different ways, so that they live with the changing light conditions.
One cooperative design process with architects,has been to search for an acoustic wall-covering for the new, main building of the Faculty of Medical Science of the University of Oulu. In this project I was given a free hand to design the elements and integrate the textile work with the other materials and structures.